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Medical Underwriting Consultant Jobs vacance à Finance Operational Recruitment

Medical Underwriting Consultant
Finance Operational Recruitment
19 Jul, 2018 26 days ago

Finance Operational Recruitment urgent position suivante pour Medical Underwriting Consultant. S'il vous plaît lire cette offre d'emploi attentivement avant d'appliquer. Il ya quelques qualifications, l'expérience et les compétences exigence que les employeurs exigent. Est-ce que votre histoire de carrière répondent à ces exigences? Assurez-vous de bien comprendre le rôle que vous postulez et qu'il est adapté à vos compétences et qualifications.

Suivez les instructions en ligne, remplir tous les champs nécessaires, et de fournir toutes les informations pertinentes afin que votre application est correctement présenté. Lorsque vous cliquez sur le bouton 'Apply this Job' (ouvert dans une nouvelle fenêtre), vous serez redirigé vers le formulaire de demande en ligne. Ici, vous serez invité à fournir des informations personnelles et de contact, de répondre aux questions liées à l'emploi, et de montrer comment vous répondez aux critères de sélection.

Medical Underwriting Consultant Jobs vacance à Finance Operational Recruitment Jobs Détails:

This global life insurer and medical coverage specialist firm is looking to appoint a new Medical Underwriting Consultant to join their Luxembourg based expatriate health insurance team.

The Medical Underwriting Consultant works in the firms Luxembourg health insurance and medical coverage center of excellence in the Grand Duchy. Here over thirty million ex-pats and internationally mobile professionals are catered for with a range of innovative medical insurance solutions and services. Working on a truly world wide scale the firm goes to market by partnering with global clients who have a truly mobile work force in need of a comprehensive cross border, flexible medical insurance provider.

The firms offerings covers its clients key members of staff and their families with a fully comprehensive range of products, services and solutions. It achieves this via its own global presence, a network of partnerships made up of service providers and assistance centers and the reputation it has built up in the medical insurance sector.

In the four years its has been in existence the Medical underwriting team has lead the organization to the top of several key markets for these services and the firm is well poised to secure true leadership of this dynamic marketplace in the coming year.

The Medical Underwriting Consultant is a true expert in medical risk assessment and fee calculations and as such this role is central to the overall performance of the department. The Medical Underwriting Consultant reports directly to the Director of Underwriting and Products and is given considerable lee way in the making of business critical decisions.

Essentially the Medical Underwriting Consultant is in charge of the assessment of all medical insurance risks. They also have a considerable input in fee calculations and the presentation of tailored solutions for clients.

Basing their work upon the individuals medical information the Medical Underwriting Consultant uses the applicant data to create a valuation for coverage, they also will recommend specific solutions for specific cases on a as and when required basis. Within the underwriting process their focus will be upon making the two key decisions to offer or deny coverage on an individual basis and what exact rate to set for the overall customers policy. In the majority of cases these overall rate is set for a specific team, department or organization. It can and will include aspects of both moratorium underwriting and full medical and health underwriting.

Further duties, responsibilities and tasks the Medical Underwriting Consultant will undertake include:

  • Creating, authoring and developing the firms medical underwriting documentation and underwriting guidelines.

  • To supervise and co-ordinate the assessment of the medical insurance market and also specially the International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) sector to understand the latest trends and offerings. You will present these data at regular product design meetings and your contribution will be a key factor in ensuring the company retains its innovative products lead grip on this market.

- Manage the risk assessment system and process -. taking charge of internal and external coordination and work flow.

  • Act as the key interface for the health insurance team and handle key questions from clients and partners around the solutions offered and the underwriting process itself.

  • Provide a medical insurance training and mentoring to less experienced team members and in a very real sense act as a center of health insurance and risk assessment competence for the entire firm.

  • Ensure the team meets all regulatory guidelines on the provision of medical insurance and the protection of customer information and data.

  • Help the Director of Underwriting and Products in placing re-insurance provision for the departments health insurance portfolio.

  • Manage the information channel and flow to key partners such as the re-insurances and regulators.

For serious consideration for this well paid Luxembourg insurance job you should have a profile that matches the following:

~ At least three years previous experience, working as a Medical underwriter.

~ Degree educated and holding a relevant industry qualification like CII, ACII, CFP or another recognized certification.

As one would expect of such an important appointment, the firm is willing to create an enticing wage package designed to offer a serious uplift in personal earning over the right applicants current take home.

For more information or to complete your application simply hit the €"Apply"€ button above and following the simple steps outlined there.

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